Friday, May 29, 2009


Madison fell off the back of our couch and broke her arm. She gets the cast on Tuesday at 2:10. Poor girl's summer is ruined! Not really, but there goes all the swimming plans and swimming lessons!

5 months old!

Little Missy is 5 months old today! Let's see. She can roll front to back, but we're still working on back to front. She sleeps in her own crib in her own room, and wakes up anywhere from 1-5 times a night. She likes to keep me guessing. She looks a lot like me. Poor girl.

She likes the excersaucer, and will play with the toys on it.

She is still nursing, and while I work only takes about 2 ounces at a time ( if that). She is a stubborn little crazy. We sure love her though! This next month we're going to work on introducing solids.

She loves Madison! Madison can make her smile and laugh. Madison is an awesome big sister and little mommy. She reads books to Hailey and Hailey LOVES it. She'll sit and listen and let Madison do her thing. I really love it.

"Hailey Bugs Me"

This morning ( like every other morning) Hailey wakes up and is screaming in her crib and I'm attending to her in her room. I hear Bry start to cry really loud, so I put Hailey down in her crib and ran to my bed ( where Brylie had been sleeping) and I asked what was wrong.

"Hailey bugs me"

I felt so bad.

This too shall pass.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

putting it out here

I need some custom birthday invitations made, for my moms 60th birthday party. I want them simple, but nice in lavender, brown and white, with no graphics or pictures or dumb sayings. Does anyone know where I can get some? Know anyone who makes them? I need them soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What have we been up to?

Nothing really! I turned 30, that was fun. Now I'm in my thirties and should probably do something with my life, besides pop out children. What to do, what to do.

Nate's still working at Verizon. Nothing interesting about that.

Madison is almost 7! She has 3 weeks left of school and is excited to turn 7 and have a great summer. I can't believe she's going to 2nd grade.

Brylie is Brylie. Busy, stubborn and into everything. She's excited to have Maddy home every day to play with this summer. She's also beginning to get excited for preschool! YAY.

Hailey is cute. Cute, cute, cute. She is 13 lbs 2 oz and is 26 inches long. Everyone in our family adores her. She loves to play and be paid attention to. She's still up 80,000 times a night, but I guess I'm just used to it now. I like her a lot. The most fun is dressing her in all of her cute clothes!

And there you go. Now you know why I haven't blogged. I have nothing to blog about.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day at the zoo

Random Hailey Pics

May 1st

we went to Chuck E Cheese with a friend, and then to my dads for his birthday. Here are some random pics I took.