Saturday, October 15, 2011

catch up

Holy cow, have I been slackin. So last post was about Madison's birthday, which was back in June, and sadly we haven't really done much since. July was lame, but we did go up to the farm for the 4th of July and sleep in our tents, and Brylie got Strep and was sick as a dog, so Nate and Garth took her to Wee Care in the middle of the night to get a shot, and about 12 hours later she was back to her old self. A week after that, Nate got it and got himself a nice shot in the behind also. The rest of us managed to escape it. We went to Brigham City pool a few times, and then the first part of August, Madison broke her arm AGAIN, so there went the rest of our summer fun. School started and it's been SO NICE having the school right across the street. SO NICE. I cannot express it enough. I LOVE IT. October came and it was beautiful with the changing leaves and the cooler temperatures. Madison and Brylie were witches and Hailey was a cute little Tinkerbell. Right now my family, the people I love most are dealing with some MAJOR trauma, and it is so hard to watch it all unfold. Love and forgive, and show your love anyway you can to those you love. Life is hard.